Lesley Jepps | Reflexologist, Reiki, Indian Head Massage in East Sussex
Lesley Jepps - East Sussex Reflexologist, Reiki, Indian Head Massage, Flower Bach Remedies


Reflexology is a therapy which may relax, reduce muscle tension,
improve mood and promote a good night's sleep.

Lesley is a therapist who specialises in pregnancy. Clients say how relaxed they feel after treatment, and how morning sickness eased. Oedema has also lessened in many, and they report having more energy.

With midwives' permission, treatments can be given after full term. The extra relaxation may help labour to begin.

If you would like to discuss what Reflexology may be able to do for you,
please contact Lesley by phone or email.

INDIAN HEAD MASSAGE may provide similar benefits to reflexology.
BACH FLOWER REMEDIES may improve mood.

Visit the therapy page, then press contact details
to book your appointment with Lesley in East Hoathly.

Please note: None of the above therapies should be used as an
alternative to seeking medical advice.

Lesley is a published author of children's fiction for Amazon Kindle

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